Institute for Leadership and Professional Development

A Divison of LELC, Inc.

Leadership Academy

Dynamic leadership development training sessions offered to colleges and universities that are looking to enhance the leadership capabilities of faculty and staff members with customized leadership content that encourages more effective job performance and career enhancement!


  • Customized leadership development training and employee support for your educational organization’s needs 

  • Customized skill set development within an educational context

  • Our Leadership Academy offers intensive weekly training sessions

  • Collaborative leadership training environment 

  • Dynamic integration of cutting edge leadership theory and industry practice

  • Explorations into leading authentically

  • Integration of group dynamics in our learning model

Job Readiness Coaching 

Through one to one and group preparation sessions, you will develop a plan to ensure a successful strategy and a course of action through the job search process, from beginning to end. We will go over the best known practices that will help you to identify the steps and the level of activity needed to obtain job offers. Through planning and offering honest critiques we have helped many people find the job of their dreams.


  • Introductory Meeting

  • Skills and Interests Assessment

  • Resume Refinement

  • Placement Referral

  • Professional Meet-ups

  • And more!

Staff Development Program

This program is for organizations who seek to invest in their support staff by providing job related strategies that work to improve, influence and intentionally innovate toward further organizational success.


  • Comprehensive and efficient meeting preparation

  • Business communication

  • Long-term strategic planning

  • Impactful presentation skills

  • Microsoft Excel basics

  • Microsoft PowerPoint basics

  • Exploration of Authentic and Adaptive Leadership across organizational environments

  • Explorations in group dynamics

  • And lots more!

One-Day Consulting Services

Intentional, impactful and dynamic one day consulting services provided to organizations and or individuals looking to improve their organizational capabilities in a customized way in an educational context. Consulting services convenient to your schedule!


  • Customized strategy development that seeks to unveil opportunity within an educational institution

  • Customized skill set development within an educational context

  • Collaboration to discover new opportunities to grow new capabilities within your organization

  • Dynamic integration of cutting edge leadership theory and industry practice customized to your consultative needs