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LELC Online Learning

Learn from the comfort of your home using webinar enhanced technology!​ Available for all ages /grade levels

Our highly qualified and experienced tutors are available year-round. 

The online/hybrid program at Leading Edge Learning Center is an online, instructor-lead program that allows individuals to:


  • Practice and Accelerate academic skills

  • Master advanced content in multiple disciplines

  • Promote Executive Function skills

  • Enhance comprehensive study skills


This high-level environment of professionally guided, collaborative learning allows for greater depth of understanding and skill application.  Students meet with an instructor in a Virtual Classroom that allows for file sharing, direct communication via phone, and multimedia capabilities.

Here's a preview of the subjects available for our online/hybrid learning program: 

  • English /LA

  • Basic Math

  • Science

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Vocabulary

  • Algebra

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Calculus

  • Spanish

  • Homework Help

  • Writing

  • And lots more!


For students and adults preparing for an exam such as the SAT/ACT, ASVAB, or GED, distance education test preparation partnered with focus on strategies helps to maximize performance.


Click Here to Request Distance Ed Services!

Call for more information:  888.517.3522 or 951.684.3811

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