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Our August 2019 Press Release


Our May 2019 Press Release



Leading Edge Learning Center in the Inland Empire Announces Reading Rascals” Program Early Literacy Epic Young Scholars Learning to Read Free Seminars 


Early childhood practitioners help students build solidified pre-reading skills and strategies and offers “Free Seminars” designed to prepare students for the entrance of kindergarten 


California – Leading Edge Learning Center, the dynamic provider of comprehensive solutions in educational planning, leadership development, college preparation, student counseling, parenting, early literacy and academic successes, announces the Reading Rascals” program of Fontana and the surrounding areas, early reading and learning first time ever “Free Seminars” which will take place April 29, 2019 throughout May 2019.


Presented by Leading Edge Learning Center's Reading Rascals” Academy, the Free Seminars include a snapshot, test drive and free trial of the 5 big ideas strategies and best practices in phonemic awareness, writing, sounds, alphabetical principles, vocabulary development, and comprehension skills and a step by step parental guideline for adequately preparing their child for kindergarten, ages 4 to 6 years old, 1 hour session, and lessons delivered through the vehicle of songs, words, play and letters. 


The curriculum's program is supported by the National Panel

Early Literacy. It offers a comprehensive, systematic researched-based and evidence proven  teaching approach. 


Coaches are professional and well trained in the best practices and theory in early literacy and pre-reading development twice a month. 


Parents will be partaking from various centers, Riverside, Fontana, Murrieta, and Moreno Valley offices in the Inland Empire, meetings will be held at specified locations through April 29, and May 2019. Participants will be given an outline, scope and sequence and the expectations for preparing their student to enter kindergarten.


In the summer of 2019, following in the Fall session Reading Rascals” program will be hosting our year round learning to read before kindergarten program. Students will continue their coaching session beginning with module 1- I Want to Read, then module 2- I am Learning to Read, next module 3-I Can Read. The learning to read modules will fluidly transition students into reading progressions and successions as the student buds into a avid young reader. 


The program is designed to start students at the baseline and transition them into the sturdy ceiling of the completion of learning to read. 


The students will have a student passport to learning. It will help to track the students” progression and succession in a portfolio fashion. Also, it will highlight the student work samples, academic successes, learning styles, learning curves, help drive and gauge the lessons and practice for students, address the strengths and weaknesses, help close the achieve gaps and assist with keeping the student ahead of the class.  In addition, the student passport will act as a vehicle to bridge the gap between the school district and parents. It will be a educational student suitcase to speak for the child. It will address the child’s overall development in early reading. Furthermore, it will help school official to know exactly where to place the new kindergartener on day one of kindergarten. 


In regards to the new kindergarten teacher, the student passport will speak volumes to the teacher before meeting and teaching the new student. The portfolio will make their job easier, offer less distractions and behavior problems. Because the student will be a confident in reading and an independent thinker,  that is well knowledgeable about early reading and the expectations of the learning.


The early learning to read program will help to prepared all young students ages 4 to 6 with pre-reading skills. Young students will depart ahead of the class, academically sound, and  knowing how to read and well equipped for the entrance of kindergarten. In exchange, for  a program that intentionally and purposefully inspire, grow and  teach young students to build a strong early reading foundation. Because “Excellence” will be no accident, we will produce early avid young reading scholars.



Please join us in our dynamic Free Seminar early reading kick-off as LELC re-revolutionizing Early Literacy for California students and families.

To register call (888) 517-3522! To find out more about LELC and our Early Literacy Reading Program visit our various online platforms:

Instagram: @leadingedgelc

Facebook and YouTube: Leading Edge Learning Center

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