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Leading Edge Learning Center is proud to announce Leading Edge Sports Division. The LESD provides critical information to students and their families related to the academic process and their athletic abilities, for the purpose of transitioning to college and career opportunities. Leading Edge Sports provides athletes and their families with information,  guidance, academic acceleration, test preparation, and insight into the college recruiting and career development process.  



Our Program benefits include:


  • Great opportunity to educate your student athletes and parents. 

  • Fundraising opportunity for your athletic program.

  • Targeted and specialized coaching and mentoring available. 

  • Outreach for all athletes to gain college and career insight, and to grow their plan for succeeding!

Upcoming Seminar
Getting to the Next Level:  How to Ensure that I'm Prepared to Accept an Athletic Scholarship


Leading Edge Learning Center is proud to provide cutting edge information about how to receive NCAA certified scholarships.  The NCAA Clearinghouse is the legal guardian of all NCAA college eligibility.  Our seminar includes all of the ins and outs of being qualified at the highest levels for Division I, Division II, Division III and NAIA Sports Divisions.  


Topics include:


  • How to receive a Clearinghouse number.

  • How to ensure staying qualified.

  • What the requirements are for academic performance at each level.

  • How to assess which levels provide financial scholarships and which do not.

  • How to negotiate with schools at the lower levels.

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