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Coaching and Mentoring

  • Mentoring develops the student's understanding of themselves, what's expected of them, and the academic and life skills for advancing their success. 

  • Coaching builds a plan, assists students in tracking strategic milestones, and moving beyond obstacles. 

  • Available for grades 8 and above.

  • Parent training modules available.

Educational Evaluations
It is important for you and your student to understand how to negotiate the academic landscape. Leading Edge Learning Center

invites parents in for Educational Evaluation consultations for students of all grade levels.   
The Elementary School years are important for setting the stage for all students’ academic futures. Parents of English Language

Learners must also understand the role of early language testing and it's impact on future classes.
Strong grades during Middle School opens up access to specialized high school tracts and options.  
Throughout High School, students must meet all of the requirements of the A-thru-G courses and exit exams, and parents

must meet the cutoffs for college applications, scholarships and financial aid.  
Whether your student is in High School, Middle or Elementary School, we can help you navigate!  
(For your appointment, please bring a copy of your student's progress report, transcript, or SAT/ACT scores to your appointment.)
Or Call 888.517-3522 

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