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Mornings, afternoons, evenings (including weekends)

Essential Office Skills

In today's workforce, high quality office skills are more important than ever to the success of any office. Whether you are a beginner or experienced and need a refresher, the Essential Office Skills class provides instruction on Document Development and Editing Interpersonal Communications, Writing Correspondence, Database Entry, and Office Teamwork.


Advanced Office Skills

Seeking to broaden your office skills and advance into the executive level?  This course is for you!  Designed to prepare the office worker with the skills and information needed to understand the transition from entry level to office administration, this course covers Professional Presentation Skills, Formal Correspondence and Reports, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Office Politics, Office Management and Professionalism in the Office.


Learn To Type

This course provides an introduction to typing, along with techniques and practice for developing both your speed and accuracy.  In this class you will learn the keyboard and all of its special characters and key functions, as well as receive step-by-step instruction on how to create documents, use editing features and print functions.


Parents Supporting Literacy 

Reading is fundamental to our understanding of our surroundings, the world and lifelong learning.  Understand your child’s development as a reader, recognizing the milestones, the windows of opportunity for growth and what you can do to accentuate their interest.  This class provides parents of children of all ages with developmental games, skill-building activities, strategies for stimulating slow beginners and accelerating avid readers.  Includes book lists and information for reading at all ages.


Introduction to Computer and Internet Basics

This course provides an introduction to the computer and commonly used software programs.  Emphasis is on use of the computer for practical, everyday activities, such as navigating the web and email, assisting with homework, resourcing information, and basic household and employment related skills.

Email Etiquette

It’s the quickest way to communicate and to make your first impression. Now, more than ever, it is important to use proper etiquette and presentation.  Learn how to use e-mail effectively, write effective messages, using the subject line, considering your recipient, following etiquette guidelines, attaching files, preparing for recipient reactions, and using emoticons effectively.  Review the differences between writing online and traditional paper-based writing, achieving e-mail message objectives, using correct punctuation, constructing effective sentences and paragraphs, and using the various features of e-mail programs to secure e-mails with encryption, digital signatures, and passwords.


GED (General Educational Development Test)

Earning your high school equivalency diploma can make a world of difference in your life and the lives of your family!  It’s never too late to take the test and pass!  This course helps you prepare by developing your skills in all of the areas covered within the test, including science, math, social studies, reading and writing.  Information and assistance is provided for locating and registering for test taking.  Ages 18 & Over


ESL (English as a Second Language) 

​These classes are for adult ESL (English as a Second Language) students who wish to speak, read and write in English. Classes are for beginner and intermediate level learners, including adults who can speak some English and wish to improve their skills. Ages 18 & Over



Preparing For School 

Make the transition from home to school easier by making sure your child is prepared.  Ensure that your child has the basic skills that support success in the classroom before they get there.  This “Mommy-and-Me” style program provides your child with hands-on experiences in developing fundamental skills and readiness for the world of school.  Includes Free Parent Seminar series “From Home to School:  Preparing You & Your Child for the Classroom”. 

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