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Early Literacy


Reading Rascals believe that core skills needed for a successful productive life are learned and enlarged before the age of 6 in young scholars. Also, Reading Rascals recognizes the extraordinary expansion that occurs during the young scholar’s early years. Therefore, we focus on stimulating each young scholar’s innate craving for knowledge by introducing and reinforcing core learning competencies and promoting accelerated growth for kindergarten readiness.


We are committed to providing a high-quality early learning pre-reading program. We will build the solid foundation for ALL Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten and beyond young scholars’ skills. We will help the young scholar become equipped and ready prior to entering kindergarten on the first day of school.

VISION Statement:

Where we inspire, where we teach, where we grow.


  • To ensure that ALL students enter kindergarten equipped, prepared and ready to meet the core competencies on day one of school 

  • To ultimately graduate prepared for college, careers and life

  • To increase student performance measures, postsecondary readiness and graduation rates and

  • To decrease student management incidences

OBJECTIVES Statements:

  • Young Scholars will strengthen their cognitive skills.

  • Young Scholars will increase their pre-reading skills.

  • Young Scholars will strengthen their fine and gross motor skills.

  • Young Scholars will enhance their interpersonal/social skills.

  • Young Scholars will enhance intrapersonal skill; improve their independence and self-reliance.

The Reading Rascals Program

Why Early Pre-Reading Skills are important?

From day one a child’s brain begins to form very quickly. It is the connections that begin to develop the foundation for all learning that young children will do later in their life. In fact, 90% of a children’s brain development occurs by age 5. Children that are read to, sung to, and talked to from a young age develop bigger vocabularies, communication skills and later sentence structure. Also, the children will become better readers and are more likely to succeed in school and life.


Research indicates that when young scholars attend high quality early learning settings and experiences, the young scholars are 40% less likely to fall behind in school. In fact, according to the Anne E. Casey Foundation, half of the school achievement gap between economically-disadvantaged young scholars and their more affluent peers starts before kindergarten.


Overview of Reading Rascals Program

What is the Purpose, Meaning and Intent of Reading Rascals?

  • To develop early learning and pre-reading skills in the areas of writing, alphabetical principles, sounds, comprehension skills, and (oral language) vocabulary skills

  • To build solidified phonemic awareness skills in pre-reading readiness

  • To develop avid young reading scholars

  • To help young scholars prepare and become equipped and ready in kindergarten readiness

  • To develop reading competencies beyond kindergarten

  • To intervene early and introduce pre-reading skills

  • To help close the achievement gaps

  • To build competent and independent thinker

  • To deliver young confident scholars into the school districts

  • To help make the transition into kindergarten process easier

  • To help the kindergarten teacher with placement on day one with the deliverables of advance and ready young scholars  

  • To help the young scholar become acclimated and knowledgeable of the early learning environments


Three Components of Reading Rascals Program

How does the program develop and build young scholars?

The Reading Rascals Program has three components to move students through the various early learning and pre-reading skills process.  

They are as follows:

Component 1: I Want to READ

Component 2: I am Learning to READ

Component 3: I Can READ


The Reading Rascals program has lessons within the components. They track the young scholar’s:

  • progression and successions,

  • strengthens,

  • weaknesses,

  • identify learning styles,

  • build strategies in problem areas,  

  • chart growth and learning curves, and

  • help close the achievement gaps to promote academic successes in pre-reading and beyond.


Reading Rascals Program Curriculum

Who is Reading Rascals Program teaching, curriculum and program design and delivery supported by for researched-based evidence?

Reading Rascals Program is a researched-based evidence proven curriculum and program. It is supported by the “National Early Literacy” Panel. The curriculum lessons are delivered based upon the Phonemic Awareness “5 Big Ideas” strategies and best practices and theories in early learning and pre-reading skills. The “5 Big Ideas” strategies are:

  • writing,

  • alphabetical principles,

  • sounds,

  • vocabulary, and

  • comprehension skills.


Young Scholar’s Passport-to-Literacy


The Reading Rascals Program Young Scholar’s Passport-to-Literacy is a step by step guide for the young scholar’s work sampling portfolios. It tracks, gauge and highlights the young scholars overall academic growth and skills learned from the beginning of module 1 to the closure module 3 and beyond the program.


When the young scholar begins and finishes the program strong, the Student Pass Port- to-Literacy laser-lenses on:


Benefits: Coaches/Parents/Teacher/School District:

  • Informing parents of the young scholars strengthens, weaknesses, and academic successes in pre-reading skills

  • Reviews an act as “Talking Tickets” to parents for the coach after young scholars’ lessons

  • Provide proof and evidences of the young scholars’ growth on day one of kindergarten

  • Assist school officials such as, teacher and principal with the young scholar’s placement on day one of school

  • Highlights the young scholars work samples and portfolio for the fall, winter, and spring sessions

  • Helps the coaches to drive the instructional delivery for young scholar’s lessons


Professional Coach Training

Where are the Professional Coaches training sessions held and conducted?

Our coaches are highly-qualified and trained professionals. They all have thorough background checks. Also, the coaches are inspiring and accept this teaching assignment as a “calling”. Their philosophy is to focus on inspiring, teaching, and growing the whole young scholar. Our teachers are trained on best practices, theories, and strategies in early learning pre-reading skills. The training is offered bi-monthly. Training seminars occurs during the winter and summer months at the local Marriott’s and Hyatt’s in the Southern California.


Early Learning and Pre-reading

Where Reading Rascals Program inspire, teach, and grow young scholars one young scholar at a time! Our program understands that when young scholars are read stories, young scholars encounter new words beyond the words that young scholars would hear as families go about their “daily business” together, as they eat, get ready for bed, go to the grocery store, for example. When parents read to young scholars, they hear more complex and sophisticated language which become the building blocks of their young scholars early learning and pre-reading development.

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