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An easy introduction to programming for beginners in lower elementary grades. Familiarize your class with visual programming techniques. Students progress through the lessons learning concepts in a game-like interface. To complete each lesson, students typically go through a concept review, solve a puzzle, run through a tutorial, build their own project, and take a quiz. They create interactive stories, animations, and mini-games to help Professor Ada battle the evil Dr. Glitch! After completing this lesson plan, students will be able to build a wide variety of simple programs with events, loops, and some conditional logic.



  • Sequencing

  • Repetition

  • Events

  • Conditional logic

  • Animation

  • Pen drawing

  • Drawing shapes and patterns

  • Playing musical notes

  • Sending and receiving messages

  • Handling user input

  • Color detection



In Person | Week 2 | Programming 101

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