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In this advanced lesson plan, students will be introduced to the physics library as they build Gravity Sling, a projectile game inspired by Angry Birds (TM). They define the behaviors of different kinds of projectiles and use physics commands such as impulse, gravity and collisions to build the game. Ninja Runner is an advanced physics platformer game with a boss fight sequence that challenges them to apply all the concepts and skills they have learned.

Students who successfully complete this lesson plan will demonstrate excellent understanding of a variety of programming concepts and computational thinking skills, and will be able to design and implement projects of moderate to advanced complexity.



  • List variables

  • Structured data

  • Loops

  • Advanced flow control

  • Physics attributes

  • Velocity

  • Impulses

  • Collisions

  • Sending and receiving messages

  • Parameters

  • Functions

  • Advanced conditional logic

  • Math

  • Boolean operators


Virtual | Week 7 | Programming 302

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